Design and development of original formulas

Formulated on the latest scientific discoveries, our products are developed by renowned phytotherapists and pharmacists.

To guarantee the best possible efficiency for our products, their galenic form is particularly studied. The search for a real synergy between the different active ingredients has been our goal for 30 years now.

Our production sites are located in North of France, where we comply with the strictest standards of the pharmaceutical industry. We apply Good Manufacturing Practices, a real guarantee of quality assurance.

A quality charter for well-being

More than methods and processes respected, quality is first and foremost a state of mind that guides the development of our products: high quality standards of our active ingredients, formulation and French manufacturing fully respecting the procedures of the pharmaceutical industry, production sites subject to ISO 9001 standards, among others.

A quality charter that we apply from the purchase of raw materials to the delivery of the finished product to your hands.