Natural Active ingredients selected with the greatest care

The search for a natural balance of the body, based on a global understanding of the individual, constantly underlies the design of our products. Our products are made with natural substances: vegetable, marine, organic and mineral origin, all selected on rigorous scientific characteristics.

We select each of our raw materials internally with strict specifications on the origin and quality of our active ingredients, and on rigorous scientific bases.

We buy them directly from our suppliers, without intermediaries to control the entire quality process, from the design of the formula to the finished product.

We thus validate their origins, their titrations in active ingredients guaranteeing an irreproachable quality. We guarantee the absence of genetically modified substances. We do not test our products on animals and do not use parabens, soy, synthetic dyes or titanium dioxide.


With the same values and objectives for 30 years, we offer high quality natural products, precisely dosed, with this singularity and originality that makes our formulas unique products.

Our mission:

  1. Protect your organization daily and preserve the future.

  2. Offer you high quality products with a natural approach.

  3. Products designed and manufactured in France with the best specialists.