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Viralgil : Invasive Phenomena



The skin is an organ that is highly susceptible to inflammation or infection. Millions of people are carriers of the herpes virus, which most frequently manifests as a ‘cold sore’. Another common skin problem is acne, which mainly affects adolescents, but also women before their period or during pregnancy. In all these cases skin hygiene is of particular importance.

VIRALGIL cleanses the skin and helps to maintain its equilibrium. VIRALGIL contains a mixture of: essential oils (lavandin, niaouli, pine, eucalyptus, chamomile, peppermint, cedar, thyme and bayrumtree) with antiseptic, disinfectant and warming properties ; naturally soothing fixed oils (sunflower, olive and St John’s wort).

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30 ml Tube

Directions of use

Apply locally to the skin, and repeat every 2 hours.

For who?

Adults and children over 7

30 ml Tube

Apply locally to the skin, and repeat every 2 hours.

Adults and children over 7

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