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Motima Laboratory

Created in 1993, the MotiMa Laboratory is specialized in the production and distribution in pharmacies of natural and topical food supplements.

A new approach to health care

Progress and modern life conditions are often the source of essential body unbalances. Stress, inactiveness, abuse or lack of nourishment, pollution, sleep loss and ageing are inconveniences that affect more and more of us. It is because science works hand in hand with nature that we are now able to maintain a natural equilibrium and protect our body's natural protection.

Natural products

Our product elaboration is based on the search of our natural equilibrium, itself founded on a profound and dynamic understanding of the body. They are elaborated from natural substances (vegetable, mineral and animal), all selected on rigorous scientific characteristics.

The elaboration and development of unique formulas

The galenic form is specifically studied to ensure that our products have the best efficiency. Furthermore, most of them undergo clinical studies, performed by independent registered institutes, destined to show their efficiency and safeness.

A quality chart for our well-being

Beyond processes and methods, quality is primarily a state of mind which guides our product elaboration, from its creation to its shipping: components and raw material selection, guarantee of a high-potency in active principles, production following high standards of pharmaceutical industry, packaging and storage according to the EU standards.

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