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Digestive balance 

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  • Stomargil

    Poor digestion & bloating

    Poor digestion is often the consequence of the conditions of modern life: lack of exercise, stress, unbalanced diet, overeating.... The most common manifestations are: bloating, flatulence, heartburn, and feeling sleepy after meals. STOMARGIL is an effective aid for functional digestive problems, as well as a supplement for all types of dietary regime....

    10,40 €
  • TRIPHIDUS 15 billion - Transit & Equilibre immunitaire.


    The conditions of modern life are rarely conducive to a balanced lifestyle: irregular mealtimes, overeating, disturbed sleep, lack of exercise... In addition, repeated slimming regimes, often ill-conceived and carried out without supervision, often have a negative effect on bowel function.   TRIPHIDUS 15 billion® maintains a balanced bowel function and is...

    15,70 €
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