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Regain your equilibrium

To feel good mentally and physically is mostly a question of equilibrium. Respecting a few rules will help your body regain its natural equilibrium, disturbed by our XXIst century lifestyle and environmental conditions.

Eating healthy

"Food is our very first remedy" said Hippocrates, who was considered one of the most important doctors during antiquity.

Our advice:

  • Eat healthy at regular hours. Favour breakfast and lunch
  • Increase your fruit and vegetable consumption (minimum of three different ones every day)
  • Limit your consumption of grease, sugar and food containing sugar
  • Limit alcohol consumption
  • Take a digestive walk approximately 15mn after each meal
  • Respect you daily recommended values in vitamins and trace elements.


Daily recommended values



Vitamine A (µg)


Vitamine D (µg)


Vitamine E (mg)


Vitamine C (mg)


Thiamine or vitamin B1 (mg)


Riboflavin or vitamin B2 (mg)


Niacin ou vitamin B3 ou PP (mg)


Vitamin B6 (mg)


Folacin or vitamin B9 (µg)


Vitamin B12 (µg)


Biotin or vitamin B8 or H (mg)


Pantothenic Acid or vitamin B5 (mg)




Calcium (mg)


Phosphorus (mg)


Iron (mg)


Magnesium (mg)


Zinc (mg)


Iodine (µg)


Recuperating sleep

We spend approximately a third of our lifetime sleeping. Sleeping well is a necessity for all of us, from the youngest to the elderly. Sleep enables the memorization of the day's learning, as well as physical, mental and intellectual recuperation. Our advice:

  • Carefully choose your mattress
  • Elevate your feet to favour a correct blood circulation
  • In the evening, avoid heavy meals and especially an unreasonable consumption of alcohol or stimulants (coffee, tobacco...)

Regular physical exercise

Which ever may be your age or sex it is highly recommended to have a physical activity.

Our advice:

  • Favour walking or swimming
  • Take the stairs rather than the elevator
  • Park your car far away from your final destination so that you are required to walk between 30 and 60 minutes every day.

An organized daily activity

The secret to good health resides in a balanced repartition between working time and rest.

Our advice:

  • Regularly exercise your breathing (slow down your breathing, breath with your stomach)
  • Take a daily 10-15 minute nap
  • Take advantage of the week-end to rest and relax
  • Personal and environmental well-being

To feel good every day means to have a few simple lifestyle rules

Our advice:

  • Keep a watch on your weight
  • Avoid a standing position and tight clothes
  • Frequently renew the air in the living/working area
  • If your have central heating, place dampeners
  • In case of heat wave, close shutters and windows during the day. Open at night.

Precautions to follow

Regaining the body's equilibrium and preserving a good health state is often just a question of watching out and taking care.

Our advice:

  • Avoid taking unreasonable quantities of certain medication (cataleptics, tranquilizers and antidepressants which often induce a dependence)
  • Quit tobacco consumption
  • Drink alcohol with moderation
  • Reduce the time of sun exposure which can have harmful consequences on the aging of the skin (skin cancer, free-radical damage) and protect your skin with an appropriate sunscreen
  • Take advantage of the inter-season periods to begin appropriate treatments
  • Respect the treatment duration
  • Carefully follow the directions of use noted on our products and advice given by the health professionals.

Watching out for season changes

The changing of seasons leads to hormonal modifications in our organism which can manifest itself by a weight gain, fragilization of the hair, momentary fatigue, difficulty to fall asleep... Thorough research and observations have led us to the development of products that help us cope with these changes.

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